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Hemp Research Areas

  • Develop genetic transformation and gene editing technologies for cannabis plants to improve composition and quantity of various cannabinoids, and to develop other traits beneficial to medicinal and industrial applications.
  • Develop tissue culture micropropagation systems for Cannabis. Breed polyploid hemp and optimize feminized hemp seed production practices.

Hemp Education

Undergraduate course:

Horticulture of Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest
SPSS 3995, Horticulture of Cannabis: From seed to Harvest, a three-credit on-line course. A scientifically rigorous course that provides an overview of the complete growing cycle of cannabis.

Independent Study Opportunities - available upon request. Contact a member of our team for more information.

Undergraduate Research

Opportunities available for undergraduate student research. Contact Dr. Gerald Berkowitz or one of our other team members for more information.

Hemp Extension and Outreach

Shuresh Ghimire, Ph.D.
Assistant Extension Educator UConn Extension
Tolland County Extension Center
24 Hyde Avenue Vernon, CT 06066-4599 Tel - (860) 870-6933

The UConn Hemp Extension and Outreach Program is intended to assist commercial hemp producers by providing information on production techniques and pest management. The program emphasizes healthy soils, balanced plant nutrition, pest identification, and preventative management strategies. The program offers training and field visits for hemp growers.

Growing Hemp in CT: What we Learned from the 2019 Field Season